The History of Evenfell, Part 1

Hello, wise reader - With the purchase of this pamphlet, you have taken those first hobbling steps towards a true knowledge of our great city.

Over the course of these remarkably scant, but nonetheless packed to burst pages, you will find the requisite wisdom to deal with the awe-inspiring bulk of history our fair city has faced down. Take the lessons of the ages to heart my dutiful customer, and the bounties of Evenfell will open themselves to you

Day 3: Past is Prologue

With the closing of the World Gates to Dawnhome and the Night of Blueflame, The Athalan Age came to a close, at least from a Gods’ Eye View. The events of the Athalan Age, the collaborative history built by the cast of Evenfell, are essentially, the know history of the world and thus, deeply impact current events. While these events are felt throughout the system, our focus remains on Bastion. In summary form, I will now present the distinct eras and notable happenings of The Athalan Age.

Day 2 - The Sisters of Tempest, and other Cosmic Geographies

As explained in the Day 1, when we built out the setting for Evenfell, we all brought together certain ideas of what we wanted our world to look like. One of these foundation aspects that the world took on was flavored by Spelljammer, taking from it the science-fantasy aspect of space-travel and flair of physics defying planets, we set out and created a loose cosmology.