Blueflame Epilogue


If you’ve not yet heard the entirety of our our four-part prologue Night of the Blueflame, proceed with caution as there are plot spoilers in the content below.

As the Daggers made their last stand in Durvia, Tabo’s Blueflame Plot took shape across Central Nillin. The menacing Blueflame Constructs laid waste to wide swaths of Euri, Flotsam, and Set’s Watch, while sowing fear and chaos throughout Nillin.

Intended as a single blow to cripple and demoralize the Ocry, the Blueflame Plot ultimately failed. The heroic stand of an unlikely quintet far below the streets of Durvia foiled a crucial part of Tabo’s plan. Without the Council of Durvia firmly in Athalan hands, those resisting Tabo’s grasp flourished.

The Ocry Offensive

Initially, the Athalans captured and controlled several cities. As news of the Blueflame Plot spread, that fierce Ocry independence rose up in a chorus of collective rage. As most of the region’s organized forces were already on the frontlines near Durvia, old heroes rose up again, mustering hometown militias that struck back against their occupying lords.

Overconfidence in their initial offensive left the Athalans ill-prepared to beat back the guerilla tactics and strength of will exhibited by the Ocry Irregulars. As winter arrived and the snows began to fall, the combined efforts of the Ocry militias, mercenaries, and formal military groups turned the tide.

The enraged patriots of Ocrary pushed the Athalans back to the Northern Coast, where the lines finally held.

The Durvia Accords

In spite of the damage leveled against the cities and townships of Ocrary, Tabo sensed defeat and opened peace talks with the Ocry, which were held in the Durvish High Council Chamber.

With the agreement to cease all hostilities, the Athalans held the seized territory of the North Coast, while the Ocry kept the remainder of their homelands. These accords stopped the bloodshed, but not the animosity.

Imperial troops still traveled in Ocrary under their own flag, the mere sight of them stoking agitation in the common folk. Politically, the Ocry leaders felt pressure to expel the Imperial remnant from their shores, but feared the cost in blood and gold.

Heroes’ Rest

The Heroes of Durvia, whose role in thwarting the Blueflame Plot remains little known in Nillin, each quietly ended their career in the Dagger to pursue other interests.

Within days of the Night of the Blueflame, Vythelda retrieved her worldly possessions from the assassin’s cache she’d squirreled away. She revealed her true nature to her suspicious husband, Arlo, and asked him to return with her to Evenfell.

Verity wrote an anonymous letter revealing the depth of corruption in Durvish High Council. In particular,  she informs them of Chancellor Deslir’s complicity in the Blueflame Plot. She then returned to Evenfell, where she would reunite with her family and prepare them all for the coming conflict with the Athalan Empire.

Lucks also returned home to Evenfell. He wished to see his sister and her children. He especially relished the prospect of sharing his knowledge and experience with Portnoy, his favored nephew and a budding talent in the artificer’s arts. And quietly, he knew he did not wish to continue living in lonely duality only to die so far from home.

Rhair returned home to the monastery where he trained, and where his mother still lives. He revealed the truth of his recent efforts, and with his mother in tow, began searching for clues to what had happened to his father, while simultaneously seeking out Tezin who he suspected was not dead.

Tezin’s whereabouts remain a mystery.