The Ellethine Crypts

Nestled in a mountain pass between Euri and Durvia, the city of Set’s Watch plays an important role in the history of Nillin without even considering its role in modern trade. With its zeal for building and an innate passion of public works, Set’s Watch boasts more than one of Ocrary’s most intriguing achievements in architecture and design. Foremost among them, the Ellethine Crypts.

Letters to General Oakroot

General Oakroot,

As I now write this, I have already dispatched a small sailing vessel, The Wind's Friend, to look into the abnormalities that have been sighted. Alongside this, I have requested the immediate transportation of an Imperial Historian, and a ranking Druid from Greyspear. They are to be expected in the next few tenday.

A Trade History of Northern Nillin

Due south of the Northern Athalan Empire and southeast of Durvia, nestled high in the Rackamack Mountains, you’ll find one of Nillin’s oldest cities and most unexpected trading hubs. Overlooking the Bay of Set to the west, and Southern Ocrary to the East, Set’s Watch serves as a critical distribution point for trade throughout Nillin, while serving as a picturesque home to its diverse denizens.