Day 5: Bastion Today

The people on Bastion today live in a curious era. In time, history will delineate exactly when and where the Athalan Age ended and where the new age began. Regardless, we can safely say the first stones in the path between these eras were laid when the gates to Dawnhome closed.

With these gates shuttered, trade across Bastion suffered, and the humans left behind began to consolidate their territory. With their lone ally - the Kingdom of Geskar - severely weakened from both a military and political standpoint, the Elves withdrew, redoubling defenses of their homeland.

The Athalan Empire, which found its power in Athala Divine’s noble quest to overthrow her people’s oppressors, lost its way in fending off the brutal and utterly capable Elf armies. As the Elfwars concluded ambiguously, Tabo ascended to an empire that had lost its moral authority. He acted now as conqueror to Athala Divine’s liberator, a difference scant noticed by his legions of followers, who welcomed decisive victory as curative to the bitter losses of the Elfwar.

Tabo’s Blueflame Plot, nurtured in shadow and corruption, relying on the avarice of Ocry collaborators, marked the Empire’s final turn away from its origins. As for the Ocry, falling under the Athalan gaze ended a relatively long period of peace and prosperity. With fair rule and an abundance of trade, Ocrary had long benefited from the presence of the Tabaxi Mercantile Guild and a diverse population without precedent.

For now, a tentative peace holds. None trust the Athalan occupation along the northern coast of Nillin, which hinders the ability of the Athalan outpost along the southern coast to maintain positive relations. Most expect a protracted war, though none welcome one. 

As our adventurers continue their pursuit of the Blueflame Constructs, life continues for everyday Ocry and citizens across Nillin and the whole of Bastion. Only time will tell the victor, and only the victor will write the histories. Stay tuned, these are truly wondrous times on Bastion.


Thanks so much for reading this primer. We hope it’s helpful in understanding the world the built and the machinations of its people. Please let us know if you have questions about Evenfell. We love talking about it. Obviously. 

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