Evenfell One-Shot: Public Release

Hey, Friends! Back in July, I took part in the RPG Writer’s Workshop, which I totally recommend if you have any interest in writing adventures of your own. At the end of the month, I had a hand-crafted, publication-ready one shot set in the Evenfell universe. 

Since then, the adventure has been exclusively available to our Patreon supporters. Today, it’s available to everyone!

Adventure Background

After the events of The Night of Blueflame, the City of Set’s Watch is under Athalan control. An active resistance has beleaguered the Athalan occupiers, making it nearly impossible to maintain order.

On the previous day, reinforcements arrived from both Euri and Evenfell. As the Athalan Army attempts an orderly retreat, the resistance aims to punish them and retake Set’s Watch on this night.

Now’s your chance to play a critical role in the history of Nillin!. Download The Liberation of Set’s Watch here.