Letters to General Oakroot

General Oakroot,

As I now write this, I have already dispatched a small sailing vessel, The Wind's Friend, to look into the abnormalities that have been sighted. Alongside this, I have requested the immediate transportation of an Imperial Historian, and a ranking Druid from Greyspear. They are to be expected in the next few tenday.

The abnormalities in detail:

  • Recently off the southern shore of Orus, we have received multiple reports of ships of indeterminate moving in what appears to be a scouting formation. While no citizen has been able to inform us in more detail of the ships, the minute details received appear to lend some legitimacy to this rumor.

  • The ships are described as large and strangely formed. Some have described them as "driftwood trunks". Others report seeing full tree aboard the decks. No figures have been seen onboard.

These ships, not being of Obo make, and having no other visible markings, cannot therefore be staying at any known dock in Southern Orus. To this extent, the aforementioned sailing vessel has been tasked with scouting out not only the sea south of Iztac, but also into the large island due South of central Orus, the island currently known as Farstar.

I will continue to keep you updated

General Oakroot,

It has been 40 days since the departure of the sailing ship The Wind's Friend. We have not received the ship back in port, though relayed messages from the ship's mage continue to report the abnormalities.

It is, as this time, believed that a force of anywhere from 20-30 of these ships are now active in the Iztac Sea. They have managed to keep their distance to The Wind's Friend. The detailed sightings from our soldiers are able to confirm original certain descriptions.

  • The ships do appear to be made of a flowing, almost driftwood style hull.

  • They have no outward sails, though some of them do appear to have large trees that have grown into the center of their masses.

  • There are no peoples on deck, indeed, there does not appear to be any decks, the ships are entirely enclosed.

The Druid from Greyspear has arrived, a peculiar man named Elm-and-Fern, his knowledge has not been able to uncover any information on the vessels. Though, he reports disturbances in the Green Expanse which he attributes to particularly strong magics.

At this time, I request an additional force be deployed to this station, as we have not yet established contact with this people, if indeed they do exist within those ships.

General Oakroot,

The Wind's Friend has arrived at Farstar. They have not yet make a landing, but report to us that the entire island appears to be overgrown. At night, flashes of green light can be seen within the growing forest.

They will attempt to make landfall during the night.

The historian is expected tonight, and Elm-and-Fern is currently housed at a nearby tavern until he is needed.

General Oakroot,

The Historian has arrived and been briefed

General Oakroot,

The Wind's Friend has not received back their landing party. Though safety measures exist to communicate back to the ship proper, no messages have come through to our mage onboard.

Furthermore, we have been reported as to a blockade that has been formed on the horizon, encircling The Wind's Friend. The initial fleet appears to have grown to 50-60 ships. Still no being has been sighted outside of them.

At this time, I am urgently requesting the additional troops, alongside an armed skyship, capable of extracting our soldiers from The Wind's Friend.

The Imperial Historian is currently communing with his superiors, as they are also in touch with some contacts in Koviodura, to attempt to condense their knowledge and see if they can find any information on these sights.

General Oakroot,

We have lost contact with The Wind's Friend. No contact has been made with the squad mage, nor have we heard anymore reports from the South Sea.

At this time, we are scrambling all available vessels, to make a viable watch that spans our shores. If the fleet decides to make a move, we will be able to respond in time.

Please consider my request in more urgent terms, as we now have reason to believe that the fleet has caused harm to our soldiers.

The Imperial Historian continues his research.

Elm-and-Fern has gone catatonic. We do not yet know what this may forebode. All coastal cities have been put into high alert.

General Oakroot,

Our historian reports back - similar ships were last described thousands of years before Closure. Nothing else known.

Wounded. Gravely.

Night attack. Unknown figures. Well trained. The ships have come on land. The city has fallen.


Copied from General Oakroot, Journal of Shared Thoughts. Connected to sibling Journal from Jan-zo, City Captain of Iztec.

Recordings made six years before the outset of The Elf Wars