Liberation of Set's Watch

Hey, friends! Brenden speaking- I’m here to share some exciting news today. I’ve just completed the first official Evenfell adventure module. As part of the incredible RPG Writer’s Workshop (July 2019), I learned some cool things to level up my game design skills and bring the world of Evenfell to you!

It’s intended as a one-shot, but the content got a little beefy, so maybe it’s a two-shot. Either way, we’re excited for our listeners to take on a critical mission in the history of Evenfell. As you may recall from reading Blueflame Epilogue, the events of the Night of Blueflame were felt in the great cities across Ocrary.

In Set’s Watch, Governor Trokin collaborated with the Athalan Invaders and ensured the city’s occupation by quickly calling for a military stand-down. From the jump, an active resistance has beleaguered the Athalan occupiers, making it near impossible to maintain order.

This module finds your group of adventurer’s in the midst of the final push to re-take Set’s Watch. Reinforcements have arrived from both Euri and Evenfell. As Athalan forces withdraw, they’re harassed from all sides. Your group is charged with recovering an arcane relic needed by Elder Recka, the High Mage of Southern Ocrary. She will use the relic to close the Blueflame portal hidden away in the city’s storied Ellethine Crypts, thus thwarting Athalan reinforcement.

Set’s Watch will be free before the night ends. How much of the city survives its liberation? It’s up to you.

The Liberation of Set’s Watch is currently an exclusive reward for all levels of Patreon support. To make your mark on the history of Evenfell and join its pantheon of heroes, visit our Patreon and pledge your support!

Have an awesome day, friends. And let’s play fantasy!