Quarterly Blog Roundup

Hey all, Kenneth here.

Welcome to our first ever Quarterly Blog Roundup!

Our goal for our roundups is to gather together all of the recent blog posts and summarize those for ease of rereads.

Also, rather selfishly, this provides an excellent time to reflect on the work we’ve done so far! We’ve written so much in the last few months, and we’re so proud of it!

The Gates of Tempest

Steppleton(Brenden) sets the stage for the cosmology of The Sisters of Tempest

The Drük: A Playable Race

A brief overview of the Drük, designed by Kenneth

The Qiron: A Playable Race

A brief overview of the Qiron, designed by Kenneth

Tieflings Reimagined

Tieflings are boring! Enjoy this redesign, written by Kenneth

Prelude to Fire

Steppleton(Brenden) informs us of the current stages of the Athalan campaign in Ocrary

The Rise of An Empire

In this brief piece of propaganda written by Pebblesquabble (Kenneth), the early age of The Athalan Empire is described

Blueflame Epilogue

A summary and epilogue to our Night of The Blueflame Prologue series (Ep 1-4), written by Brenden

The Forest of Formir: Part 1

A telling of a famous tale, written by Grog’on Inkwell (Jett)

Gnomes of Nillin, Part 1

Steppleton(Brenden) recounts various beliefs and stories of the Gnomes which inhabit our worlds.

A Trade History of Northern Nillin

The history of commerce in Nillin is a multi-headed beast, as described here by Steppleton(Brenden)

To The Governor, re: Gateplague

Pebblesquabble(Kenneth) pleads to a local governor, while describing the famous Gateplague

Fran and The Drhantans

A myth older than the docks of Eventide, retold by Librarian of The Gods, Benjamin Sweaters(Brenden)

Letters to General Oakroot

A collection of letters, describing an abnormality found in the southern seas of Bastion, written by Kenneth

The Ellethine Crypts

Steppleton(Brenden) describes a major theatre of war in Set’s Watch and the circumstances that made it perfect for the Athalan Invasion of Nillin

Liberation of Set’s Watch

Our very own Brenden has completed Evenfell’s first ever adventure module!

Primer Day 1: Setting the Stage

Brenden speaks of the creation process behind both Evenfell (The Podcast), and Evenfell (The Setting). Also explained is the reasons behind the Primer Series

Primer Day 2: The Sisters of Tempest, and Other Cosmic Geographies

Kenneth goes into some level of detail on many (but not all) of the moons and planets in the solar system of our podcast

Primer Day 3: Past is Prologue

Brenden takes us far into the past, and builds out a timeline for the Setting

Primer Day 4: Bastion

Kenneth provides detail and maps to the various continents and countries of our main Moon, Bastion.

Primer Day 5: Bastion Today

Brenden closes out the series by explaining the various states of political intrigue and conflict across Bastion.

Patreon Exclusive Blog Posts

These posts are currently only available to our patrons! If you’re interested in reading them, hop over to Our Patreon for more information!

The History of Evenfell, Part 1

The first half of Pebblesquabble’s most famous pamphlet, So You’ve Decided to Come to Evenfell (As written by Kenneth)

Three Army Gentlemen

Told in iambic pentameter, the play "Three Army Gentlemen" by Saoirse Morningbloom (Becca), tells a tale of trickery & love on the Athalan Archipelago.