athalan empire

The Rise of an Empire

The origins of the Empire are shrouded in myth so fantastic that even the most astute  historian such as myself has difficulty properly explaining the events that birthed this moon-spanning kingdom. Some claim that a God of War found young Athala and raised her to be a weapon against the apostates to the south. Others claim that the charismatic and cursed Goliath brought together the peninsula with sheer force of will to right the wrongs of the worlds.

What is known however, is that an era long ago, a young Goliath cursed with Tiefling blood rose to prominence in the northern end of Jagen. Through her own formidable power and an increasing army of disenfranchised non-humans and power-hungry merchants, she conquered to the edges of the land in only a handful of seasons.

Prelude to Fire

As a noteworthy historian and academic, and also the author of this volume, I cannot express my excitement vigorously enough to be standing here at the edges of history. The Athalan Era - those years marking the rise of Athala I and the birth of her Empire - has come to a close.

After the precipitous fall of the World Gates leading to-and-from Dawnhome, a great panic overtook Bastion, exposing cracks in the Empire’s foundation. In a violent coup, General Tabo ended Athala’s bloodline and seated himself upon the throne.