A Trade History of Northern Nillin

Due south of the Northern Athalan Empire and southeast of Durvia, nestled high in the Rackamack Mountains, you’ll find one of Nillin’s oldest cities and most unexpected trading hubs. Overlooking the Bay of Set to the west, and Southern Ocrary to the East, Set’s Watch serves as a critical distribution point for trade throughout Nillin, while serving as a picturesque home to its diverse denizens.

Prelude to Fire

As a noteworthy historian and academic, and also the author of this volume, I cannot express my excitement vigorously enough to be standing here at the edges of history. The Athalan Era - those years marking the rise of Athala I and the birth of her Empire - has come to a close.

After the precipitous fall of the World Gates leading to-and-from Dawnhome, a great panic overtook Bastion, exposing cracks in the Empire’s foundation. In a violent coup, General Tabo ended Athala’s bloodline and seated himself upon the throne.