The Drük: A Playable Race

Hello, friends! One of the core assumptions of the history we built with Microscope is that there would be inter-racial offspring aside from the basic half-elves and half-orcs found in the Player’s Handbook. It’s actually one of the starting points for working with Microscope - each player has the opportunity to include or exclude particular elements.

Thus far, Kenneth has provided three playable races, which we’ll be sharing in this space over a few separate posts. Please feel free to use or modify these profiles for your own campaigns. First up, the Drük.

The Drük

As mentioned in The Gates of Tempest, the Drük are descendants of the original covenant between the Orcs of Hig and the Dwarves of Einbrek. Strong and willful, the Drük are known for their martial perfectionism and long-winded debates.

Upon leaving the original Drük settlements on Hig, this fiercely combative and talented race ranged out to the Western shores of Central Nillin. While calling the Citadel of Coviodura home, Drük travel widely and are welcome in most any nation. Drük who stray away from their homeland commonly find themselves in positions of rank in armies, or as talented craftspeople in other outposts.

The skin color of the Drük ranges from dark, nearly coal-black to a light walnut-brown. Commonly standing under 6 feet, the Drük make up for this height difference with a sturdiness wrought from their Dwarven heritage. From their Orcish ancestors they gain an intimidating musculature and prominent pair of tusks extending from their lower jaw.

The men are more than capable of growing a beard by their teenage years, and ritually groom it throughout their lives. The women grow beards even sooner.

Drük Traits

Ability Score Increase

Your Strength, Constitution, and Wisdom all Increase by 1.


Drük reach maturity in their late teens, and commonly live up to 200 years.


While good-natured, Drük are a people of passion. As such, individual Drük commonly range from opposite ends of chaotic to lawful.


Drük stand somewhat shorter on average than humans, but can easily weigh up to 250 pounds. Your size is medium.


Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Your speed is not reduced by wearing heavy armor.

School of the Warrior Poet

You have proficiency in the History skill, and with the warhammer.


You have advantage against any ability that would push, pull, drag, or throw you.

Ancestral Plea

Once per day, a Drük may call upon their ancestors for assistance, granting them advantage on a single roll. This ability can not be used again until after a long rest.