The Gates of Tempest

In an infinite universe, there are more wonders than could ever be known. Of the wonders we do know, The Gates of Tempest stand out for the mystery of their origin as much as their role in shaping society throughout the Moons of Tempest.

The era marked most profoundly by the Rise of the Athalan Empire, began when the Gates of Tempest awoke after going quiet hundreds of years earlier. Without delving too deeply into the history of the Tempest system and it’s diverse moons, I wish to provide a primer on the Gates themselves.

The Tempest system is steeped in magic and the Gates are, perhaps, it’s finest expression. Imagine walking through a familiar field and stumbling across a shimmering expanse no wider than a humble pantry. You stand on one side, surrounded by the familiar sights and sounds of home.

One step through the shimmer and suddenly you’re on the wind-blasted mountain tops of Einbrek, a frigid ice world where the intensity of wind and snow would kill you before you ever discovered the native Dwarves hidden away in their mountain holdfasts.

Of course, this bleak scenario, while true, only serves to demonstrate the unknown dangers of Gate travel. Other Gates open to the paradise of Dawnhome, the arid and mystical plains of Hig, or high-risk/high-reward territories of The Rent.

In practical terms, the Gates have provided a rich source of trading and knowledge-sharing amongst the varied moons of Tempest and their diverse peoples.

With a glut of Gates and esteemed geography, the city of Evenfell has become a hub of learning and magical innovation. It stands proud as the symbol of what can be achieved through cooperation.

The first Gates on Einbrek, led the Dwarves to Hig, where first they warred with the native Orcs. Ultimately, the peaceful nature of the Orcs won out, creating kinship amongst the two races. Bonds of marriage forged a lasting alliance and later gave rise to the Drük.

Bastion truly serves as the capitol of the Tempest system, providing home and hearth to countless people of different races. It’s never stagnant and often suffers under conflict, however, a shared vision of progress and innovation drives the leaders of various regions and continents.

And the Gates themselves are as diverse as these people. Honorable Druids guard and protect unmarked Gates in the forests of Nillin. In the city of Evenfell, a long-dead human prince built a palace around the gate leading to Dawnhome.

Due to unpredictable incursions of Ilithids and other magical abominations, Gates to The Rent are often heavily guarded and travel through them requires of Writ of Passage attesting to the traveler’s understanding of the pressing danger.

On Hig, the Gates are steeped in mysticism and symbols of Orc gods. As nomads, the Orcs of Hig view gate travel as a divine gift and revere each journey.

While some Gates look similar, none are exactly alike. As such, Gate tourism abounds throughout Bastion and the entirety of the Tempest system. People never seem to get enough of watching new arrivals through the Gates.

Truly, the Gates are a marvel worthy of study and admiration. And if you ever find yourself in Durvia, be sure to visit Cobbletoe’s Boon. It’s the finest gate I’ve ever seen and a wonder of Gnomish craft.

Happy travels, friends!