Welcome to Evenfell

Hey, friends! Welcome to Evenfell! An actual-play podcast based on the Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition rule set, Evenfell came from the hearts and minds of six friends in Austin, Texas. Some of us are long-time friends, while others met as adults at open game tables, in local comic shops, and through mutual friends. We all met for the first time at a trial session in February 2019 set up by Kenneth, our beloved Dungeon Master and #1 LaCroix Boi.

At the table, our shared love of swords, sorcery, and collaborative storytelling made for an easy alliance, which now carries us forward. As a group, we have varying degrees of experience with D&D 5E and other roleplaying systems such as Dungeon World and Star Wars, among others.

Where we hope to set ourselves apart is in the setting itself. Using a system called Microscope, a “fractal role-playing game of epic histories,” the group sat down and created a broad, sweeping history replete with rising powers, meddling gods, magical travel, and a unique blending of traditional D&D races.

For example, our history features a prominent settlement of Dwarves and Orcs, whose shared lives eventually gave birth to the Drük, a stout, industrious race with the fine skill of Dwarves and the hardiness of Orcs. In Evenfell, Orcs aren’t the mindless brutes common to fantasy literature, either. They are a strong, yet mindful group of shamanistic nomads finely attuned to their lands.

All things considered, Evenfell will look and feel very much like the time you’ve spent in the Forgotten Realms. Torm is, and always will be, the grooviest God of them all. We would never take that away from you; however, we sought a world filled with more wonderment than the typical D&D setting. While rules power the gameplay, our imaginations power the story, and we hope to foster a sense of joy outside the mastery of rules.

On June 4, 2019, we’ll be dropping the four-episode prologue, Night of the Blue Flame, in it’s entirety. Taking place near the tail end of our known history, these episodes will introduce you to a port city called Durvia. Here, the five remaining members of The Dagger, a shadowy group of master assassins, fight for their lives in the face of a sinister invasion plot. You’ll also learn of the Athalan Empire, a major player in all political machinations on the moon called Bastion.

Oh, I nearly forgot. Evenfell sits in the center of a continent called Nillin, on a moon called Bastion, which orbits a massive, gas giant called Tempest (nearly three times the size of Jupiter). Bastion is just one of 13 moons orbiting this celestial body. On each of these moons are magical gates, or portals, providing nearly instantaneous (if not entirely safe or carefree) travel between these moons and countless other uncharted spaces.

We have a ton of adventure ahead, and look forward to sharing the story of our main characters as well as the lore we’ve developed for Tempest and each of its orbiting bodies. In the meantime, you can find us on Twitter @evenfellpodcast. Send your questions there, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again, friends! Now, let’s play fantasy!