A Trade History of Northern Nillin

Due south of the Northern Athalan Empire and southeast of Durvia, nestled high in the Rackamack Mountains, you’ll find one of Nillin’s oldest cities and most unexpected trading hubs. Overlooking the Bay of Set to the west, and Southern Ocrary to the East, Set’s Watch serves as a critical distribution point for trade throughout Nillin, while serving as a picturesque home to its diverse denizens.

The Forest of Formir: Part I

Four figures rode tall atop their horses, backs to the cooling breeze, a growing shadow creeping along the canyon walls. They descended into Uqim, one of the larger canyons marking the landscape of Arja’fet, the Red Lands of Nillin. High walls of reddish-orange sandstone grew darker as they obscured the setting sun.

A loose mixture of soil and sand softened the clops of the horses’ hooves, though there was no need for quiet entry. Tonight, they were merely investigating a disturbance coming from a small thorp of Dwarves living within the Formir Forest in the base of the canyon. Onward they rode, pattering of sand and whistling wind covering up the promise of lush green below.

The Rise of an Empire

The origins of the Empire are shrouded in myth so fantastic that even the most astute  historian such as myself has difficulty properly explaining the events that birthed this moon-spanning kingdom. Some claim that a God of War found young Athala and raised her to be a weapon against the apostates to the south. Others claim that the charismatic and cursed Goliath brought together the peninsula with sheer force of will to right the wrongs of the worlds.

What is known however, is that an era long ago, a young Goliath cursed with Tiefling blood rose to prominence in the northern end of Jagen. Through her own formidable power and an increasing army of disenfranchised non-humans and power-hungry merchants, she conquered to the edges of the land in only a handful of seasons.