As the creators of Evenfell, we would like to acknowledge and thank some people, publications, and tools that have proven invaluable to our effort:

Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition / Wizards of the Coast

Microscope, Ben Robbins & Lame Mage Productions

JP de Ovando, Composer

Kamryn Clark, Artist & Graphic Designer, Luxdomina

Secret Base, B.J. Heinley

Plate Mail Games

Totino’s Party Pizza (Pizza rolls not gender roles, y’all)

Everyone who’s ever sat at the table and played fantasy with us

And a massive thanks to our Patrons! Your support means so much to us!

Andrew Y.

H a r r i s o n F.

Amber S.

J e r e m y @Condiment_Games

A u s t y n R.

R a c h e l G.

Amy E.

Vance M.

C a r l o s T.

Ryan L.